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Antibody Testing

As part of the national response to COVID-19, antibody testing is now available  for staff and some patients.

An antibody test can tell you if it's likely you've had Coronavirus before. But it does not work for everyone, as some people who've had the virus do not have antibodies.

An antibody test does not tell you:

  • If you're immune to Coronavirus

  • If you can or cannot spread the virus to other people

Patients who are already having blood taken as part of other tests (either in hospital or in their GP practice) may be asked whether they would like an antibody test. The test is completely voluntary. 

It’s important to note that this is not a test for immunity, there is no strong evidence yet to suggest that those who have had the virus develop long-lasting immunity which would prevent them from getting the virus again. Antibody testing at this stage is useful primarily to improve our understanding about the spread of the virus.

For the latest information about the antibody tests, please click here

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